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IDERA is focused on delivering the industry’s most complete solution for database optimization. DB Optimizer offers extensive capabilities for single- and multi-platform database performance optimization, including a unique visual tuning diagram feature.

Compare, side by side, the features and functionalities of some of the database optimization tools the market has to offer. Download a free trial of DB Optimizer today!

IDERA DB Optimizer SQL Sentry Plan Explorer Quest SQL Optimizer SQL Server Management Studio Oracle Tuning & Diagnostic Packs
Capture Workload Profile by scanning database for SQL execution activity for time period
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SQL Tuning Session via manual typing within SQL editor or loading a text file
SQL Tuning Session by scanning database for current SQL execution activity
Display SQL statement's database execution plan
Automatically generate SQL rewrites to potentially improve run time statistics
User can specify rules for automatic SQL rewrite allowances and exclusions
SQL rewrites can generate candidates using native database optimizer hints
SQL rewrites can generate candidates by transforming the SQL syntax itself
Recommend missing indexes which would improve execution plan
Test SQL Load Scalability by running multiple concurrent sessions for SQL statement
Visual Tuning Diagram that clarifies the data context, data relationships, data sizes and join relationships
Supports Oracle, SQL Server, Db2 and Sybase

With a rich set of features, IDERA DB Optimizer enables DBAs to easily improve the performance of their SQL code and tune SQL like a pro. Try it free!

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