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IDERA is focused on delivering the industry’s most complete solution for database administration. DBArtisan offers extensive capabilities for single- and multi-platform database management, security, and administration.

Compare, side by side, the features and functionalities of some of the database administration tools the market has to offer. Download a free trial of DBArtisan today!

Capability IDERA DBArtisan Microsoft SSMS Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) OEM Express Oracle SQL Developer
Multi-platform administration ✔ - single tool for all platforms SQL Server only ✔ - single tool Oracle only ✔ - single tool
Discover data sources
Graphical interface for instance configuration
Real-time performance dashboard
Space and capacity planning and trend analysis
Process monitoring
SQL agent alerts grid
Database search
Job management
Database security controls
Schema management
Robust and user-friendly scripting
Execution / explain plans
SQL query builder
Isolate query window to designated data source
SQL code formatting
SQL debugger
Data migration assistant
Low-impact client installation

Among the best database administration tools that the market has to offer, IDERA offers the most complete solution. Only IDERA DBArtisan supports more than a single database platform, provides a SQL agent alerts grid and can isolate query windows to designed data sources. With a rich set of features and several unique capabilities, IDERA DBArtisan aligns with a DBA’s workflow to address many common tasks with a user-friendly interface. Try it free!

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