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Precise Application Performance Platform

Eventually, all application transactions access storage. From simple file requests to complex multi-table database joins, efficient data input/output plays a critical role in an application’s performance. When storage is slow, application performance is compromised and end-user productivity or business processes suffer. Traditional performance improvement efforts have focused on buying faster servers, or optimizing application or database code. While effective, these methods are expensive and time consuming and often only serve to cover up the root of the problem: storage performance bottlenecks.

Optimize Storage Performance

Provisioning storage for applications is complex and expensive. Critical data should be pushed into faster and more expensive storage components (such as EFD), whereas non-critical data should be pushed into slower and less expensive storage components (such as SATA). The Precise Platform allows you to accurately predict the performance impact of tiering data on either EFDs or SATA, and automatically recommend data assignment to either tier. The Precise Platform also enables storage tiering strategies based on real business priority. These strategies can be on a per database, per SQL query, or even a per business transaction level of granularity.

Identify and Avoid Storage Collisions

Storage collisions occur when multiple applications access the same physical storage at the same time or when two or more heavily used files are both located on one physical disk and are frequently the cause of performance problems. By tracking transactions all the way down to physical storage, The Precise Platform identifies “hot” devices, allowing administrators to relocate files as necessary.

Virtual Machine Performance

Busy virtual machines competing for the same physical CPU and memory can cause resource contention problems that are transient and very hard to pinpoint. The Precise Platform maps relationships between VMs and their physical hosts in real time to reveal the root of contention problems.

Unleash the Power of Multi-Core CPUs

Gartner estimates that only 18% of total CPU capacity is being used across the data center. A main contributing factor to this issue is a transaction waiting to execute while waiting for I/O. When transactions wait around, you are wasting your investment in large, Multi-Core CPUs. The Precise Platform will tell you exactly the response time contribution of I/O on your transactions, allowing you to eliminate storage bottlenecks and stop wasting CPU cycles.

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