HOUSTON, TX – February 04, 2020 – IDERA (an Idera, Inc. company) today announced that Saint Xavier University, the world’s first Mercy Institution of Higher Learning, in Chicago, Illinois, selected ER/Studio Data Architect as a key component of its course on Advanced Database Topics. The online, 14-week class is part of the Master of Applied Computer Science Degree program, offering tracks in data science, networking and cyber security, software engineering, web development, and other topics.

Saint Xavier University offers undergraduate programs in more than 40 major fields and nearly 30 master’s degree options, providing a mix of transformational educational experiences for those looking for a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities. Taught by lecturer Hector J. Hernandez, Ph.D., the Advanced Database Topics course covers core data modeling concepts and includes database and data warehouse design using advanced data modeling concepts and tools.

“When I teach my courses, I want to use a feature-rich tool that enables my students to truly learn the concepts with hands-on lab exercises,” said Hernandez. “It is very important for me to provide my students with the best tool, and I believe, from my research, that ER/Studio is the best in the market. It supports Saint Xavier’s active and engaged learning approach, which prepares students to competitively enter the workforce.”

As a second course in database theory and design, the Advanced Database Topics course begins with a review of database fundamentals, including ER modeling techniques, normalization, SQL and implementation issues. Course topics include data storage techniques, indexing, query processing and optimization, transaction processing, concurrency control, administration, security, data mining, data warehousing, distributed databases, and internet databases

Upon successful completion of the Advanced Database Topics course, students will:

  • Know how relational databases are implemented and managed via basic and advanced SQL
  • Know how to design relational databases using advanced data modeling concepts and tools
  • Learn what data warehouses and NoSQL databases are
  • Understand transaction management, concurrency control, database performance tuning, query optimization, and distributed database management systems

“When students use a feature-rich industry tool in the classroom, they gain valuable skills they can take with them into full-time employment after graduation,” said Jamie Knowles, senior product manager at IDERA. “IDERA believes in equipping today’s students with the tools they need to become tomorrow’s experienced data professionals. We’re proud to partner with Saint Xavier University, as the school values using ER/Studio Data Architect to provide relevant, hands-on experience to elevate the marketability of graduates.”

ER/Studio is an industry-leading data modeling and architecture solution that combines multi-platform data modeling, business glossary management, business process modeling, and enterprise metadata management for organizations of all sizes.

To learn more about ER/Studio data modeling tools, visit: https://www.idera.com/er-studio-enterprise-architecture-solutions or contact sales at: https://www.idera.com/contactsales.


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