HOUSTON, TX – July 09, 2019 – IDERA (an Idera, Inc. company), a provider of powerful database productivity tools, announced the latest release of SQL Secure today. Version 3.3 now extends support for Microsoft SQL Server databases to include those deployed in Amazon RDS and EC2 cloud environments, as well as managed instances of Azure SQL Database.

SQL Secure is an auditing and security tool for SQL Server that helps DBAs manage permissions across the Microsoft SQL database landscape. Database professionals can identify vulnerabilities with Microsoft SQL database configurations and access, establish security policies and baselines, and alert if there are any changes — enabling them to identify who has access to what and each user’s effective rights across all Microsoft SQL database objects.

According to one senior database administrator at a Fortune 500 investment services company, “SQL Secure has saved me a ton of time answering questions for auditors and even more time when they change the scope of what they are looking for. It is really important in the financial industry to determine who has access to what, but more importantly, through which channels. With SQL Secure I don’t have to manually get those answers.”

Another database administrator at one of the largest LTC insurance administrators in the industry notes, “As a member of the healthcare community, we are investing significant resources to insure that the personal health information from our members is secure. SQL Secure can give us that ability right out of the box. It allows us to monitor data access and detect possible security gaps before they are exploited.”

The new release of SQL Secure 3.3 will help DBAs control database permissions across hybrid and cloud-based environments. Additionally, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been added to the regulatory guideline policy templates that also include HIPAA, Payment Card Industry (PCI), and Center for Internet Security (CIS), allowing DBAs to perform security checks and generate reports against this far-reaching regulation.

Highlights include:

  • Security checks and policy templates for GDPR
  • Auditing and reporting for Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2 SQL Server instances and databases, including:
    • Support for auditing of Amazon Active Directory accounts
    • Support for Windows authentication using Amazon Active Directory accounts
    • Support for SQL authentication for managed cloud instances
  • Auditing of full-text catalog objects for Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS
  • Installation support for Azure VM and Amazon EC2, allowing users to run SQL Secure in the cloud

“DBAs already have a heavy load when it comes to ensuring that their SQL Server environment complies with industry regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and others. Running databases in the cloud only adds to this complexity, increasing the need for greater visibility and control across a diverse mix of hosted environments,” said Kim Brushaber, senior product manager at IDERA. “SQL Secure 3.3 helps DBAs automate SQL Server auditing and reporting in the cloud, ensuring that permissions are limited to the right levels for users and groups, and that minimum access is enforced.”

To learn more, please read the blog announcement. Existing SQL Secure customers can access the new version via the Customer Portal. New customers can access a trial version via the IDERA website.


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