HOUSTON, TX – December 3, 2019 – IDERA (an Idera, Inc. company) today announced the release of SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server 10.5 with improvements for database performance monitoring on-premises and in the cloud.

As SQL Server databases increasingly migrate to the cloud, organizations must transition their SQL Server database deployments into hybrid cloud architectures. Fully exploiting the benefits of hybrid cloud environments requires tools that transparently monitor and maintain the performance and availability of SQL Server in cloud and data center deployments.

SQL Diagnostic Manager 10.5 provides clarity and confidence in SQL Server database infrastructure, turbo-charging productivity for SQL Server database professionals and lowering the cost of ownership for those deployments. That allows organizations to deploy to data centers and cloud infrastructures and ensure peak performance and availability across any combination of deployment destinations.

According to recent data from TechValidate, 64% of surveyed IT organizations use SQL Diagnostic Manager for cloud-based SQL Server instances. As a database administrator (DBA) from a US educational institution noted, “We use IDERA products for SQL Server on-premises on physical machines, on-premises on virtual machines, for private clouds on virtual machines, and public clouds as managed databases.”

The latest release of SQL Diagnostic Manager also adds support for SQL Server 2019, improving usability and alert workflow for DBAs who need to do more and spend less time doing it.

Alert improvements focus on continuous enterprise alert management with new reports for alert template management. New baseline alerts, together with improved alert filters, enhance the signal-to-noise ratio for overworked DBAs. Priority-driven alert response actions ensure that SQL Diagnostic Manager raises notifications only for urgent issues. Additionally, DBA teams can protect against missing critical issues with escalation conditions.

New alert templates include 15 new alerts prioritized for the database-as-a-service (DBaaS) environments of Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS for SQL Server.

This release also extends prescriptive analysis with a new optimized workflow and updates nearly 250 recommendations for on-premises, Azure SQL Database, and Amazon RDS environments. This allows DBAs to focus prescriptive analysis on specific databases and applications with guidance from SQL Diagnostic Manager on how to improve and apply industry best practices to reduce costs.

“SQL Diagnostic Manager radically lowers the cost of ownership for SQL Server deployments by turbo-charging productivity for DBAs,” says Rob Reinauer, director of SQL Server product management at IDERA. “This latest release of SQL Diagnostic Manager 10.5 raises the bar even higher with broader cloud coverage, optimized alert management, and new predictive analytics recommendations.”

To learn more about IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server 10.5, visit https://www.idera.com/productssolutions/sqlserver/sqldiagnosticmanager.


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