HOUSTON, TX – March 04, 2019 – IDERA (a division of Idera, Inc.), a provider of powerful database productivity tools, today announced the latest release of SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server, introducing new features that help database administrators (DBAs) improve query performance and reduce the load on monitored instances via enhanced query and plan collection for both on premises and in the cloud.

As DBAs rely more on the cloud, their organizations incur high costs for added load on cloud database instances. Improved query performance and query and plan collection can help reduce the load on monitored SQL Server instances and lower the costs associated with inefficient queries.

The latest release of SQL Diagnostic Manager helps reduce cloud costs by enabling more efficient queries and more efficient query and plan collection.

Product updates include:

  • Visual Query Plan in the desktop console with on-demand collection of estimated plans
  • User-defined collection of estimated plans via extended events
  • Actual plan collection with Query Store

“DBAs don’t want monitoring software to slow down their systems more than absolutely necessary, but query and plan collection can significantly impact speed and performance,” said Rob Reinauer, director of SQL Server Products at IDERA. “IDERA’s efficient, smart query and plan collection reduces the load on monitored databases, thereby reducing cost, while still enabling DBAs to find and fix problematic queries.”

IDERA offers a free, 14-day, fully functional trial for SQL Diagnostic Manager. To learn more, visit https://www.idera.com/productssolutions/sql-diagnostic-manager.


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