IDERA Releases SQL Secure and SQL Doctor Cloud Updates

Latest database tool enhancements bridge the gap between DBA and DevOps teams

HOUSTON, TX – May 23, 2017 – IDERA, a leading provider of database lifecycle management solutions, today released major updates to its flagship SQL Secure and SQL Doctor products to include new cloud capabilities. These releases allow data professionals to adapt to, experiment with and take advantage of expanding cloud strategies, and helps DBAs embrace the speed and agility demands of DevOps with database performance and security recommendations designed for the public cloud.

With the latest versions of SQL Secure and SQL Doctor, database administrators (DBAs) can now see on-premise and public cloud-based databases in a single-pane console. They also receive cloud-specific recommendations to improve the performance, health and security of public cloud databases to ensure they are just as secure as those on-premise. Both SQL Secure and SQL Doctor target SQL Server on-premise and in Azure VM as well as Azure SQL Database. SQL Doctor also targets SQL Server in Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS SQL Server.

“The continued growth in hybrid cloud environments increases the likelihood of data breaches, which is one of the tradeoffs for realizing the benefits of the public cloud,” said Robert Anderson, vice president of product management at IDERA. “It’s imperative that organizations have policies and tools in place that can detect when sensitive data is at risk. IDERA gives users the confidence to move databases to the cloud by connecting the dots between traditional DBA operations and modern DevOps teams, while helping them improve the performance and security of cloud databases with tools they know and trust.”

While other products provide basic performance and availability monitoring of cloud databases, SQL Doctor now inspects cloud and on-premises databases for common health concerns, providing detailed recommendations and script actions to resolve problems and optimize performance. SQL Doctor also directly manages cloud database as a service (that is, Amazon RDS SQL Server and Azure SQL Database), resulting in superior visibility and performance.

The latest version of SQL Secure now extends product functionality from on-premises databases to databases in the cloud, giving DBAs a comprehensive, automated solution for analyzing, monitoring and reporting on security concerns for SQL Server and Azure SQL Databases. SQL Secure verifies on-premises and cloud databases against security best practices from a single console, allowing companies to move workloads to the cloud without fear of a debilitating security breach.


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