Latest IDERA Release Offers the Industry's Most Complete View of AWS Infrastructure

Uptime Cloud Monitor Integrates 16 New AWS Services

HOUSTON, TX – March 21, 2016 – IDERA, a leading provider of database lifecycle management solutions, today announced the newest release of Uptime Cloud Monitor. The updated product integrates 16 new AWS services, bringing the total to 22 and making Uptime Cloud Monitor the most comprehensive view of AWS services and infrastructure in the market.

With AWS representing nearly 30 percent of the cloud infrastructure services market share, there is a growing need for more in-depth monitoring of AWS services. IDERA Uptime Cloud Monitor integrates with Amazon CloudWatch for AWS and enhances its capabilities through faster troubleshooting, long-term data storage and a comprehensive user interface.

“Uptime Cloud Monitor is a great AWS monitoring tool. No other monitoring software is able to accomplish what the IDERA solution can do”

Prior to this release, Uptime Cloud Monitor covered Billing Information, Elasticache, DynamoDB, Elastic Book Store, Elastic Cloud Compute and Relational Database Service, with the latter two ranking among the top six most-used AWS services, according to recent usage data. Four others in the top six include Simple Storage Service, Simple Queue Service, Route 53 DNS and Simple Notification Service, and are among the 16 newly added services that ensure as users grow and diversify their AWS footprint, Uptime Cloud Monitor grows with them.

“Since many of our customers use AWS to power their infrastructures, integrating more AWS metrics into our existing monitoring capabilities adds value and visibility for users,” said Beth Chauvin, product manager at IDERA. “Uptime Cloud Monitor is the ideal solution for a hybrid environment, including on premises servers and others hosted in the cloud. If someone is transitioning part of their server environment to the cloud, they can have critical AWS metrics at their disposal. Plus, our on-demand pricing allows customers to only pay for what they use, providing extensive monitoring benefits without enterprise-level costs.”

With the installation of Uptime Cloud Monitor’s lightweight agents, data can be collected more frequently, enabling users to perform real-time troubleshooting as errors and issues arise. Uptime Cloud Monitor can display, alert and store AWS metrics for up to one year, allowing for true historical trending. The updated product also offers a unified custom dashboard that is easy to navigate, allowing users to view 22 AWS services at-a-glance without switching to other applications.

“Uptime Cloud Monitor is a great AWS monitoring tool. No other monitoring software is able to accomplish what the IDERA solution can do,” said David Moore, operations manager at OneCloud Systems.


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