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HOUSTON, TX – Feb 2, 2016 – IDERA, a leading provider of database lifecycle management solutions, today announced strong results in 2015 highlighted by the acquisition of Embarcadero Technologies, a leading provider of software for database management and application development, with more than three million global users and an award-winning portfolio of products. The combined company saw revenue grow more than 45 percent year over year.

“From the acquisition of Embarcadero, to our continued product portfolio investment and user community expansion, IDERA leads the market for business-driven database management and IT performance tools. We look forward to building on this momentum throughout the new year.”

2015 milestones include::

  • Products — IDERA executed 35 product releases including updates to all of its flagship products – SQL Diagnostic Manager, SQL Safe Backup and SQL Compliance Manager. The company added seven new free tools to its portfolio and preview support for SQL Server 2016 in all of IDERA’s SQL Server products.
  • Community — IDERA added 10,000 new IT professionals to its user community and launched Geek Sync, an educational toolbox to further community members’ knowledge, build valuable relationships, and connect practitioners with technology experts. The company also re-launched its Advisors and Community Educators (ACE) program to help active members of the SQL Server community share knowledge by sponsoring their travel to SQL Server conferences and events. IDERA also donated more than $30,000 to local community causes.
  • Customers — IDERA added more than 1,000 new customers, including many in the healthcare industry which continues to be a strong vertical for the company.
  • Corporate — IDERA moved into a new, expanded headquarters in Austin to accommodate its growing employee base. The company also hired Atanas Popov as general manager to lead the application development tools business acquired from Embarcadero.

IDERA predicts continued momentum in 2016 as the impact of data growth, increased DBA influence, database innovation and information security continue to drive change throughout the industry. Specifically:

  • DBAs will have to embrace increasingly business intelligence centric roles. More data, more analysis, more reports. As the proliferation of devices, users and services tests the limits of traditional systems to ingest and manage all this information, DBAs will face increased pressure to help organizations understand the value of the data they have, and how best to use it. Those who aren’t amenable or flexible enough to adapt may find themselves on the outside of the IT department looking in.
  • Less experienced DBAs will have a larger influence on database operations — both good and bad. It’s the perfect storm. As database tools get easier to use, budgets for database operations get smaller and tighter. Junior DBAs, while still in high demand, are easier to hire and more affordable, particularly for mid-market organizations with limited resources. Organizations will have to balance availability and budgets with long-term strategies, leveraging tools and best practices to ensure DBAs have a the knowledge base and support they need.
  • Microsoft’s hybrid cloud functionality will start turning heads. New investments in the Microsoft data platform’s cloud capabilities will help organizations bridge the gap between dedicated database servers on premises and DBaaS in the cloud. SQL Server 2016’s new Stretch Database capability, which seamlessly migrates historical data between SQL Server and Azure SQL Database and archives it transparently without having to change the way your applications query the data, is an exciting new feature to watch. All eyes will be on Oracle to see how they react and if Microsoft can capitalize quickly on their momentum by delivering the ease and flexibility they promised while building on early adopter goodwill.
  • Cheap storage will wreak havoc on security budgets. With inexpensive storage options and easy-to-use data mining and analytics tools at the ready, companies are holding on to more data for longer, which puts them in a position of greater exposure in the case of a security breach. More saved data, sensitive and protected data, increases the risks associated with SQL injection attacks. SQL injection—which involves the alteration of SQL statements that are used within a web application—is still one of the most common attacks on web assets, and one of the most complex to protect against. DBAs need to be vigilant about watching for application vulnerabilities and balancing the needs of those applications with the security and privacy needs of users. Bottom line, security comes first.
  • Eliminating data silos will be a key priority for CIOs. As corporate data becomes a strategic asset that drives business decisions, organizations are embracing data modeling in tandem with collaborative, agile workflows to ensure data quality and establish the foundation for a business-driven data architecture. Businesses that continue to operate with data silos will lose ground against their competition.

“2015 was an extremely successful year across all areas of our business,” said Trey Chambers, CFO of IDERA. “From the acquisition of Embarcadero, to our continued product portfolio investment and user community expansion, IDERA leads the market for business-driven database management and IT performance tools. We look forward to building on this momentum throughout the new year.”


IDERA understands that IT doesn’t run on the network – it runs on the data and databases that power your business. That’s why we design our products with the database as the nucleus of your IT universe. Our database lifecycle management solutions allow database and IT professionals to design, monitor and manage data systems with complete confidence, whether in the cloud or on-premises. Serving more than 20,000 customers worldwide, we offer a diverse portfolio of free tools and educational resources to help you do more with less while giving you the knowledge to deliver even more than you did yesterday. Contact us at +1-713-523-4433 or visit for free trials, free tools and more. Whatever your need, IDERA has a solution.

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