IDERA Releases Latest Version of SQL Secure Product

Updated solution provides proactive security and permissions auditing capabilities

HOUSTON, TX – September 27, 2016 – IDERA, a leading provider of database lifecycle management solutions, today announced the latest version of its SQL Secure product. The product update adds new capabilities to IDERA’s market-leading solution that include the ability to run new security and permission checks against extensive audit rules, eliminating vulnerabilities and decreasing risk.

With the average cost of lost or stolen records in a data breach now exceeding $158 per record, and regulatory requirements more stringent than ever, companies that are concerned about data breaches must have both proactive as well as reactive strategies in place. A recent FBI warning urges organizations to implement the principle of “least privilege” for database accounts, limiting users’ access to the bare minimum set of resources required to perform business tasks, with access only given to the specific tables an account requires to function properly.

Developed in collaboration with one of the world’s top auditing firms, IDERA SQL Secure helps database administrators (DBAs) identify SQL Server security violations and ensure security policies are enforced. A new automated server registration process makes it just as easy to manage the security settings of 100 SQL Servers as it would be for a single one. In addition, easy-to-use server group tagging functionality allows DBA teams to view and manage security policies across multiple SQL Servers using user-defined groups such as department, line of business, region or application. Finally, nine new security audit rules for risk assessment enable broader database access checks, configuration checks and permission checks.

“We talk to customers every day about their regulatory compliance pains and requirements,” said Robert Anderson, vice president of product management at IDERA. “Without SQL Secure, DBAs must rely on scripts and spreadsheets or general purpose native tools to track security and permissions – and then hand off those results to auditors – a reactive approach that is rife with human error. SQL Secure is the only proactive SQL auditing approach that helps DBA teams get out in front of potentially costly and time-consuming security issues.”

“IDERA’s SQL Secure is a simple to use and invaluable tool for identifying SQL vulnerabilities in our database servers,” said Todd Greenwell, network database admin at one of the top 100 banking centers in the United States. “SQL Secure brought many issues to light that were not caught by regular application and server scans, and I recommend the product without reservation.”

With the latest release of IDERA’s SQL Secure, capabilities include:

  • Activity tracking - User/session past and present interaction with critical data
  • Activity/risk forensics – Investigation of who has inadvertently or maliciously changed the security posture or introduced new risks
  • Risk response - Near real-time alerting for immediate response and accountability
  • Risk mitigation - Visibility into elevated rights and what users are capable of doing
  • General accountability – Understanding that the right forensic tools are in place for daily reporting and auditor expectations

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