New IDERA Free Tool Identifies Sensitive Data in Databases

HOUSTON, TX – Nov 12, 2015 – Continuing the expansion of its free tool portfolio to help overburdened and budget-strapped IT professionals, IDERA today announced SQL Column Search, a new tool that allows database administrators (DBAs) to quickly identify sensitive data in SQL Server tables so they can take the necessary steps to secure and audit it. Paired with IDERA SQL Compliance Manager, SQL Column Search can help companies adhere to stringent compliance policies.

"With industries such as retail, banking and healthcare being the focus of multiple data breaches in recent months, it’s not only important to have standard IT security measures in place, but DBAs must also understand where sensitive data is stored inside their databases,” said Robert Anderson, senior director of product management at IDERA. “Being able to quickly search and identify possible areas of exposure is critical for DBAs. With SQL Column Search, we’re giving them a useful free tool that identifies potentially sensitive data so they can move to the next step of further securing it."

IDERA SQL Column Search searches the string definitions of table columns in an SQL Server database to match them to a set of user-defined strings. Rather than searching the data itself, the tool searches the column name definitions for typically sensitive words like social security, date of birth or account number.

The flexible design comes preconfigured with 45 common sensitive data search strings with the ability to easily create custom strings and multiple search profiles. Searches can look across all databases within an instance, be confined to a specific database or even to a specific table within a database to provide the search granularity DBAs need. This enables a variety of uses such as helping locate potentially sensitive data, performing database maintenance tasks or to simply find a specific column name.

For more information, visit: SQL Column Search

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