Idera Introduces SQL Statistics Aggregator

New Free Tool Eases DBAs’ Burden of Solving Complex Diagnostic Issues

HOUSTON – May 6, 2015 – Idera, a leading provider of application and server management solutions, today announced the availability of its latest free tool, SQL Statistics Aggregator. The new tool allows users to speed up the aggregation and analysis of Statistics IO data that is common when doing query tuning by creating an interactive table of the data making it much easier to view and interpret. Using this information, database administrators (DBAs) can quickly see where the problems are that otherwise could take hours to dissect and correlate.

DBAs in smaller companies may typically have SQL Servers that have less incoming queries than larger enterprises. The DBAs in smaller companies may find parsing through query lines to find potential performance issues an annoyance. Larger organizations, however, produce thousands of lines for analysis that could cripple a team of DBAs attempting to solve a critical issue.

“With SQL Statistics Aggregator, Idera continues to create tools that make the lives of DBAs easier by solving complex and time-consuming problems, and offering them free of charge,” said Randy Jacops, CEO of Idera. “SQL Statistics Aggregator is a powerful tool that will save DBAs countless hours, enabling them to focus on improving the health and performance of their SQL Servers and making critical business decisions. There is no other similar tool on the market.”

SQL Statistics Aggregator works by compiling detailed Statistics I/O and time data in an interactive table for easy aggregation and viewing. Using the table, DBAs can quickly see where I/O activity is occurring and correlate that to a particular query node. SQL Statistics Aggregator also allows DBAs to run and re-run problem queries against an instance right from the tool. That way they can gather and analyze data, make tuning changes, re-run the query and continue to iterate until performance is optimized.

SQL Diagnostic Manager customers can use SQL Statistics Aggregator to troubleshoot their SQL Server problems at no additional cost.

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