IDERA Introduces SQL Inventory Manager

Database Administrators Now Have a Real-Time, Web-Based View of Every Database and Server in Their Environment

HOUSTON, TX – Oct 1, 2015 – IDERA, a leading provider of application and server management solutions, today released SQL Inventory Manager, formerly known as SQL Elements. With SQL Inventory Manager, database administrators (DBAs) get access to a real-time, web-based view of every database and server in their environment, allowing them to drill down with just a few clicks to see what is running on the database, how up-to-date it is, and if it is optimally configured.

“Idera has identified a huge need for SQL DBAs who are burdened with either incomplete tools or manual processes for managing their database and server inventory”

According to a recent Idera survey, more than half of DBAs use manual hunting methods and spreadsheets to discover and track inventory. Only 37 percent have any sort of tool to help automate these processes, and in most cases these are incomplete solutions. SQL Inventory Manager is the market’s first comprehensive, scalable tool that discovers, tags, annotates, alerts and reports on server and database inventory with a low impact, agentless architecture.

"We work tirelessly to stop the proliferation of SQL Servers by not making the media available, but developers still get their hands on Microsoft Developer Network resources and then our environment is full of unknown SQL Servers," said a senior DBA team lead at a large health organization and Idera customer. "With SQL Inventory Manager, those rogue databases are auto-discovered, resolved quickly and even tagged, making future inventory data calls a very short process."

SQL Inventory Manager capabilities include:

  • Create customizable tags to group and organize all SQL Server instances in an environment and easily pull views of instances with the same tag
  • View databases based on geographical location, function, business unit or any tags as determined by the needs of the business
  • Create custom inventory fields that are attachable to instances, servers and databases to provide more granular inventory specification to maintain the environment
  • Gather list of applications running on each SQL Server instance to quickly determine which applications are affected and who needs to be notified if something goes wrong
  • Decommission SQL Servers and store all historical data to ensure all performance data and associated tags remain intact
  • Review license requirements without having to manually gather information and maintain multiple spreadsheets that can get out of date quickly

“Idera has identified a huge need for SQL DBAs who are burdened with either incomplete tools or manual processes for managing their database and server inventory,” said Robert Anderson, senior director of product management at Idera. “SQL Inventory Manager alleviates this burden and frees up their time to focus on more important tasks that have a greater impact on the business.”

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