Idera Introduces SQL Hekaton Memory Check

Free Tool Allows DBAs to View Real-Time Memory Usage on All SQL Server Instances that Use Hekaton

HOUSTON, TX – July 9, 2015 – Idera, a leading provider of application and server management solutions, today released SQL Hekaton Memory Check, a free tool that allows database administrators (DBAs) to see real-time memory usage on all SQL Server instances that use Hekaton, and take immediate action to avoid downtime and optimize appropriately.

Hekaton, Microsoft's in-memory database for online transaction processing in SQL Server, can increase processing speeds up to 30x using a system’s main memory for faster access time. However, there are many rigid restrictions associated with using Hekaton, including the need to keep memory at 2x the size of data. With a growing database infrastructure, lack of visibility into the memory status of these instances can cause critical business failures.

“When Microsoft announced it would ship Hekaton integrated in SQL Server 2014, we expected our customers to be excited about the technology and eager to try it with their workloads,” said Vicky Harp, senior advisory product manager at Idera. “That has proven to be true, but like any new technology, there have also been growing pains. With SQL Hekaton Memory Check, we are helping early adopter DBAs anticipate potential issues before they become real problems that impact business operations.”

To gather memory usage on all SQL Server instances that use Hekaton, DBAs could use MS SQL Server’s native software, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, run a query against a Dynamic Management View (DMV) for each database, or write scripts to iterate across multiple servers, which are all time consuming tasks. With SQL Hekaton Memory Check, all you have to do is download the free tool and connect to your SQL Server 2014 for instant visibility.

Benefits include:

  • See real-time memory usage on all instances that use Hekaton
  • Glean valuable information with simple clicking instead of scripting
  • Take immediate action on usage information to avoid downtime and optimize appropriately
  • View relevant data needed to make important decisions like adding more memory, reallocating objects that are consuming memory resources, or adjust the way instances are set up.

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About Idera

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