New Solution Helps SQL Server DBAs Discover and Manage Entire Server Environment

New Solution Helps SQL Server DBAs Discover and Manage Entire Server Environment


IDERA, the industry-leading provider of server management solutions, today announced the public release of IDERA SQL Elements 1.0. The release follows an intensive beta with more than 400 participants.  IDERA’s new SQL Server automatic discovery and inventory solution tells DBAs and IT managers how many SQL Servers exist in an environment, along with sizing, utilization, and owner statistics. In addition, SQL Elements sends automated alerts on which servers are down, require a backup, or approaching storage capacity.

“SQL Elements is a powerful new resource for DBAs and IT professionals,” said Josh Stephens, Vice President of Product Strategy for IDERA. “It gives DBAs more control over their SQL Server environment, and helps eliminate server failure and downtime.”

According to a recent survey, more than 80% of administrators identified “exponential SQL Server growth” as a key challenge in managing server environments. 

From that same survey, 60% of DBAs acknowledged that users often deploy SQL Servers without DBA or IT knowledge. SQL Elements helps DBAs manage growing SQL Server environments through simple and efficient discovery and exploration of the server environment. 

“For companies with a larger SQL Server foot print or with less control on who can install SQL Server, this tool should be very attractive,” said Eric Zierdt, author of the blog Eric Employed -- The Story of a DBA. “It does a great job helping DBAs track inventory.” 

Notable features of SQL Elements include:
  • Inventory View — Automatically discovers the inventory of SQL Servers across the entire server environment with a first-to-market dashboard view, delivering high-level visibility of server inventory to assess server management quality and suggest corrective actions
  • Continuous Server Discovery — Performs routine, daily scans across the network to find newly added servers and databases, including servers that were previously unaccounted for
  • Alerting — Provides simple email alerts when instances or databases become unresponsive, and alerts on drive-space capacity issues
  • Health Checks and Action Items — Performs daily health checks of the server environment to gauge performance and adherence to best practices and displays findings in a simple, actionable list
  • Expert Advice — Provides recommendations for improvements in straightforward language from SQL Server experts with built-in context-sensitive tips to assist in interpreting the information
  • Lightweight Architecture — Agent-less, low-impact design enables download, install and use in under 10 minutes with no required integration with monitored servers
SQL Elements is designed specifically to make IT tasks easier through automation, resulting in greater efficiency and less time spent on server management. “Our current manual management process is time consuming and challenging,” said one SQL Elements beta tester, with a SQL Server environment of more than 600 instances. 

In addition to automation, SQL Elements delivers a fast install experience, allowing users to set up and start server discovery on their networks within 10 minutes. “The ease of installing and configuring SQL Elements made the task of discovering SQL Servers on my network much easier than I imagined,” said one tester from 

Pricing and Availability
IDERA’s SQL Elements 1.0 is available today and starts at $995 for 5 instances. For more information or to download, please visit


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