VCE Selects Idera Over Quest For SQL Server Monitoring, Administration

Idera’s SQL Diagnostic Manager and SQL Admin Toolset Beat the Competition with Out-of-the-Box Performance, Time Savings and Ease-of-Use at a Reasonable Price

HOUSTON – JUNE 18, 2013 – Idera, a leading provider of application and server management solutions, today announced that VCE, a leading converged cloud infrastructure systems provider, has selected Idera’s SQL Diagnostic Manager and SQL Admin Toolset over Quest’s Foglight. With Idera, VCE manages the performance, administration and overall health of SQL servers with out-of-the box capabilities that immediately diagnose and warn of potential problems, saving time and money. 

“We had a license of both Idera and Foglight so we could compare them side by side,” said Chris Shea, database administrator at VCE. “Idera is easy to use without requiring extra training and is pre-configured so that it immediately started providing alerts that Foglight didn’t recognize. As soon as I turned on email notifications it began triggering and telling me there was something wrong. Idera helped me find out I was literally two days away from a major outage.”

VCE, formed by Cisco and EMC with investment from VMWare and Intel, provides market-leading Vblock Systems. Vblock delivers optimized information technology systems that accelerate the adoption of converged infrastructure and cloud-based computing models. 

Shea and his team of SQL Server DBAs provide mission-critical support for VCE’s three major applications. Looking for greater visibility and control, the team compared Idera and Quest in a two-month trial. With Idera’s solutions, VCE gained the configuration, automated alerts and tools his team needed at less than half the price.   
“Before Idera, I probably spent two-three hours per day remoting into each of my servers, running my query and looking for issues. But this only allowed me to look at snapshots, so I didn’t know if anything happened overnight or spilled over to the next day,” Shea said. “Then I started using Idera’s SQL Diagnostic Manager, and with just a click, the dashboard gives me everything I need. I can watch the overall health of all the different servers without having to dig ten levels down. I also use the admin toolset constantly, especially the user clone tool to clone a user across a bunch of systems. Overall, Idera simply saves me time and the price was significantly less than the competition.”

Idera’s SQL Diagnostic Manager is a powerful performance monitoring and diagnostic tool that enables DBAs to find and fix SQL Server performance problems in 30 seconds or less.  SQL Admin Toolset delivers 25 essential desktop tools for monitoring, troubleshooting, administering and reporting on SQL servers so DBAs can streamline day-to-day SQL administration tasks. Together, they give teams a single, complete view into SQL Server performance.

“I don’t have time to re-learn software, dive 10 levels down into administration areas of Foglight that make no sense or pay licensing fees for agents in order to know what is going on,” Shea added. “With Idera, I get my complete SQL history. Idera also gives me the freedom of being able to bring brand new databases online more expediently.”

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