Idera Expands SQL Server and SharePoint Community Advisor Programs

Sponsorship and Knowledge Sharing Underscores Idera’s Commitment to SQL Server and SharePoint Communities

August 15, 2012 - Houston, TX - Idera, a leading provider of application and server management solutions, today announced the expansion of the Idera Advisors and Community Educators (ACE) program to include SharePoint experts. The Idera ACE program helps recognized thought leaders in the SQL Server and SharePoint communities share their knowledge by sponsoring:

•    attendance at regional events such as SQL and SharePoint Saturdays,
•    attendance at major conferences,
•    speaking opportunities for user groups and webcasts,
•    technical training sessions.

As members of the program, ACES also provide their real-world perspective to help Idera development teams shape their product strategy and direction.

“We are excited to welcome the first five members of the Idera ACE program for SharePoint and introduce six new members to the Idera ACE program for SQL Server,” said Rick Pleczko, President and CEO at Idera. “Idera believes strongly in investing in the SQL Server and SharePoint communities. There is no better way to show our commitment than by offering a program that helps active community members share their skills and knowledge on a large scale.”

The Idera ACE program for SharePoint
The expanded Idera ACE program now includes SharePoint experts. They are:

•    John Ferringer
•    Liam Cleary
•    Michael Lotter
•    Nedra Allmond
•    Wes Preston

“I am proud to partner with Idera to share my SharePoint knowledge,” said Michael Lotter Idera ACE for SharePoint. “I am certain that being a member of the first Idera ACE program for SharePoint will be rewarding personally and professionally.”

Idera ACE Program for SQL Server
The Idera ACE program for SQL Server is in its second year. The members are:

•    Argenis Fernandez
•    Benjamin Nevarez
•    Christina Leo
•    Jack D. Corbett
•    Jason Strate
•    Tim Radney

“I am thrilled to be a member of the Idera ACE program for SQL Server. Thanks to the program’s financial and marketing support, I have additional opportunities to share my experiences across the SQL Server community,” said Tim Radney, Idera ACE for SQL Server.

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