Idera SQL doctor Now Available

New Tool Analyzes SQL Server Performance, Provides Remedies for Issues

SEATTLE – November 9, 2010 – In booth #215 at the 2010 SQL PASS Summit, Idera, a leading provider of Microsoft SQL Server management and administration solutions, today announced the availability of Idera SQL doctor™ 1.1. SQL doctor is a revolutionary new tool for database administrators (DBAs) and database developers that collects SQL Server configuration and run-time information, analyzes the results, pinpoints problems, and provides immediate prioritized recommendations to resolve identified SQL Server performance problems.

“SQL doctor does the painstaking work of digging in and pinpointing what is causing SQL Server performance issues and then goes a step further by providing a remedy,” said Heather Sullivan, Director of SQL Server Solutions at Idera. “Based on the number of testers and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the beta program, SQL doctor is going to relieve a lot of the pain caused when trying to decipher SQL Server performance problems.”

SQL Server DBAs and developers are under intense pressure to maintain the highest levels of database and application performance. Diagnosing and resolving performance issues can often be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. Idera SQL doctor provides the following benefits:

  • Optimizes SQL Server Performance - Provides easy to understand performance tuning recommendations including index usage, T-SQL syntax enhancements, configuration changes, etc.
  • Improves DBA productivity - Eliminates lengthy discovery and diagnosis activities, enabling DBAs to focus on more important tasks—like actually fixing the problem!
  • Maintains SQL Server performance – Performs both real-time and scheduled health checkups ensuring SQL Server stays in tip-top shape.

Quotes from SQL doctor Beta Testers
Nearly 4,000 SQL Server DBAs and developers tested and provided feedback on SQL doctor during the two-month beta program.

“This tool is amazing! We have been looking for something like SQL doctor! We’ve started using Idera SQL diagnostic manager, which is great for the continual monitoring of our instances and this tool does a fantastic job of doing an all-around check on the database instance and uncovering things we would probably never have picked up on.”
- Tracey Hamlin, Regions Financial Corporation

“SQL doctor gets more useful every day. I cannot believe how much I have used it to work on issues that have been lingering for months.”
- Giordano Debiasi, DBA

“SQL doctor is very small, lightweight, and install is a breeze. I may never need my T-SQL performance scripts again. The links to MS documentation for recommendations is priceless.”
- Ryan Adams, DBA

“Today, I downloaded SQL doctor and ran it against a production server that I have recently been ‘tuning’, and immediately it came up with recommendations that I had missed or had so far not come across. I think SQL doctor is extremely useful for DBAs of all skill levels.”
Haden Kingsland, Senior DBA

About Idera
Idera provides tools for Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint and PowerShell management and administration. Our products provide solutions for performance monitoring, backup and recovery, security and auditing and PowerShell scripting. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Idera is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has over 6,000 customers worldwide. To learn more, please contact Idera at +1-713.523.4433 or visit


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