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In this video, we will deinstall the Precise framework. It is using Oracle as the performance management database, the historical repository. And, in this screen, you can see that I have got nothing installed under ‘Applications’. So, all of that is cleaned up. And, we will go over to ‘AdminPoint’. And, just take a look at a couple of things over here. So, just the framework is running. We will click here on ‘Agents’. Just verify that (just, you know) what agents are running. Here are the agents as shown under the ‘AdminPoint’, ‘Agents’ screen. Scroll down here. These are the agents shown in the Windows Services. I think it is a good idea to have the Windows Services screen closed during installs and deinstalls. And, we will also close the Precise GUI [graphical user interface]. And, I am going to go ahead and actually just run the deinstall straight from here. And, there is actually on the Precise portal there is a command to basically do the deinstall. This is the Precise root directory. And, you can see the folders that it has in it. And, I am just doing a cut and paste of this command. Precise uses a lot of relative pathing. And, I think this command uses that. We will find out as soon as I click ‘Enter’. And, so, here we go. We are doing the uninstall. And, that wraps up [...].

It says that you can remove the Precise installation folder. So, I will just come over here. ‘cd’ [change directory]. And, I like to use this command, just remove the sub-folders and files. So, we will go ahead and do a cut. And, paste that in right here. Now, we will go ahead and remove that folder. You can see that it completed. Here we have the Windows Services window open. These are actually used by a different installation. Please recall that we are running under the ID Precise aura that we specified when we did the installation. So, all of these services are removed. Now, the installation is not yet complete. Because one of the things that this script did not do is remove the Precise user and the data files. And, so you can actually see the data files over here. So, you need to log into Oracle and remove the PMDB [Precise Management Database], the historical repository components. I am logging into ‘sqlplus’ (SQL*Plus). And, this guy was granted ‘SYSDBA’. Remember the password. And, I like to set timing on this. I like to know how much time things take. We are going to come over here. And, just do a ‘SELECT USERNAME’. And, we will take a look at the usernames that were in here. And, this was everything, was installed under ‘B_PRECISE_PMDB’. So, we use that in just a sec [second]. Now I have another Precise installation using this database. So, I will be very careful to not just drop that user. So I will come in and do a cut and paste. And, do these one at a time. I could put it in a SQL file and just run it as a script. And, that probably would be (you know) the best thing to do. I will go ahead and work on that. I will pause the recording.

This is not really fancy stuff. It does take a minute to have these commands execute. Okay. I went ahead and scripted it up. Look at this script fired off. You can see that I am using ‘DROP TABLESPACE’. Table space name including contents and data file. So, this should be a complete clean up after doing the ‘DROP USER’ Precise cascade. Alright, the script ran pretty quickly. You can see that the data files or the folder where I had the data files is also empty. I am going to go ahead and delete this folder. And that wraps up. We are now completely done with the Precise framework deinstallation. I do have Precise installed for another framework on this server. That is why you see some of that stuff in the background. Alright, I hope that you enjoyed it. Thank you for your interest in Precise.

How To Deinstall the Precise Framework on Oracle

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