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Free Tool SharePoint Admin Toolset

Streamline day-to-day SharePoint administration tasks

  • 7 essential tools monitor, secure and administer SharePoint
  • Reduces administrative time from hours to minutes
  • Performs key tasks without deep SharePoint expertise
  • Enhances site performance dramatically
  • Shows what can be accessed by whom in seconds

7 essential tools

SharePoint admin toolset combines seven performance, security and administration tools into one easy-to-use and FREE package.

Reduces administrative time

Get an at-a-glance overview of SharePoint site performance or determine what content a particular user can access, all quickly and painlessly.  What might take hours of troubleshooting using native tools is reduced to minutes with these essential free tools.

Performs key tasks

Quickly and easily defrag your SharePoint databases, plan for future SharePoint capacity, and other key SharePoint administrative tasks.

Enhances site performance

With SharePoint admin toolset, you can continually monitor the performance of any SharePoint URL.  See when sites are down or performing poorly and identify performance bottlenecks. Additional tools report on potential performance drags including disk space, database space, and database fragmentation levels.

Shows what can be accessed by whom

SharePoint admin toolset enables you to answer questions like 'Why don't I have access?' or 'How did they get access?' in seconds instead of hours. Discover 'who can do what' to your SharePoint Farm, or display the sites, libraries and items a user can access.

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