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One IDERA Partners are the thought leaders in their fields. They dominate their markets with superior customer service and technical leadership. IDERA plays a key role in their business success, providing strategic advantages, driving significant revenue, and supporting business growth.

With over 12,000 global customers and three product lines, IDERA has built a strong brand with a solid reputation for quality. Don’t just take our word for it; our customers reward us every year with one of the highest retention rates in the industry.

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A To B Solutions Pty Limited

Country: Australia
Address: Po Box 1675 Macquarie Centre NSW 2113 Australia
City: Gordon
Description: SQL Tools provides sales and technical support to SQL Server users in the South East Asia & Asia Pacific regions for Idera software products. SQL Tools is also Idera's Master Distributor in Australia and New Zealand - providing sales and technical support for customers and channel partners.


Country: Sweden
Address: Kykogatan 24 Gothenburg, SE411 15
City: Göteborg


Country: United Kingdom
Address: 200 Aldersgate
City: London
Description: ASM Technologies delivers agile technology distribution across the IT channel. We concentrate on tier 2 and tier 3 brands often ignored by broad line distribution. We are the market leader in providing IT and technology based supplier rationalisation, building on a culture of delivering significant cost-savings, innovation solutions and excellent customer service as part of the process.

Barnsten B.V.

Country: Netherlands
Address: Zijlstraat 47, 2011 TK Haarlem
City: Haarlem
Description: Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg

Beijing Fortunet Information & Technology Co, Ltd

Country: China
Address: 11/F, Tower A, Technology Fortune Center, No.8 Xue
City: Beijing
Description: Precise reseller located in China.

Component Source - Asia Pacific, Australia, NZ

Country: Japan
Address: 3F Kojimachi Square Bldg; 3-3 Kojimachi Chiyoda-KU
City: Tokyo, Japan

Component Source - North America

Country: United Kingdom
Address: 650 Claremore Professional Way; Ste. 100
City: Woodstock, GA

Component Source - UK/EMEA

Country: United Kingdom
Address: 2 New Century Place, East Side
City: Reading, Brookshire


Country: Poland
Address: ul. Pulawska 474
City: Warsaw
Description: Comtegra, as an IT systems integrator, is committed to supply best-in-class technology services and solutions by assisting our clients to achieve a goal, solve problems and satisfy business needs. A key component for success is to ensure that IT solutions are aligned with the business. Thank to our well-prepared staff, Comtegra is able to accept the greatest challenges. Comtegra offers a full range of IT services for small and medium enterprises, as well as for public administration institutions. We offer solutions in the scope of consolidation and virtualization of servers and mass storage memory. We provide solutions ensuring continuity and automation, disaster recovery, as well as a model of IT environment management – Cloud Computing. Comtegra also delivers mature security solutions based on experience and requirements of different business drivers.


Country: Russian Federation
Address: 5 Block 1, Volochaevskaya Street
City: Moscow

Data on Demand

Country: Japan
Address: Rishe Bld, 4F 2-2-3 Nihonbashi
City: Tyuou-Ku, Tokyo


Country: India
Address: 5th Floor Vakil Square Bannerghatta Road
City: Bangalore
Description: Master Distributor for Idera’s Database Tools in India, Srilanka and Bangladesh
Website: Sp. z o.o.

Country: Poland
Address: ul. Pulawska 303
City: Warszawa
Description: (formerly DCS Computer Consultants Group) is an innovative IT company, fully opened to new business models. We offer a wide range of products and services empowering our customers to pursue their business goals. Work experience with large corporate clients is our major asset. We specialize in complex IT projects involving custom software development, systems integration, deployment and hosting services. offers comprehensive cutting-edge technologies for systems integrations including servers, desktops, storages and network virtualization, data replication, disaster recovery and management tools enabling maintenance and optimization of IT systems for small, medium and large enterprises. has been on the market for over twenty years. We have been developing line of business applications for large organizations, including telecommunications, financial and media companies. At we focus on building specialized and technologically advanced software solutions supporting business processes within clients’ organizations.

En Pointe Technologies

Country: United States
Address: 18701 S. Figueroa Street
City: Gardena, CA 90248-4506
State/Province: California
Description: Celebrating over 20 years in business, En Pointe specializes in Microsoft-centric IT environments, offering hardware, software licensing and services. As one of the largest Systems Integrators and Licensing Solutions Providers, En Pointe assists customers in architecting, acquiring, and implementing integrated IT solutions anchored to the Microsoft ecosystem.

Ethos Technologies

Country: United Arab Emirates
Address: Unit No: 3O-01- 1690, Jewellery & GemPlex 3,
City: Dubai


Country: Mexico
Address: Av. Cubilete 772
City: Zapopan
Description: Somos una empresa mexicana con más de 23 años de experiencia en el mercado de Tecnologías de la Información, dedicados a proveer soluciones Integrales de Consultoría, Capacitación, Soporte Técnico, Desarrollo de Software y Comercialización de diversas herramientas. Ponemos a tu alcance soluciones poderosas y rentables para aumentar la productividad y simplificar las tareas en la gestión y migración de bases de datos, además de capacidades analíticas para los DBA's. Tenemos las mejores herramientas para el desarrollo de software embebido en tiempo real, desarrollo de aplicaciones multiplataforma (Windows, Mac, iOS y Android). Contamos con más 15 años de experiencia en el desarrollo e implementación de proyectos de Business Intelligence. Nuestro equipo está certificado en modelos de calidad CMMI NIvel 3 y Moprosoft Nivel 3

Grey Matter

Country: United Kingdom
Address: The Old Maltings, Prigg Meadow, Ashburton, Devon,
City: Ashburton
Description: Grey Matter’s reputation has been built on the quality, breadth and independence of our software and licensing advice. It’s what gives us the edge over other software resellers and it’s what our customers value.


Country: United States
Address: 123 SQL St
City: Austin
State/Province: Texas
Description: female


Country: Mexico
Address: Avenida Pacífico No. 332, Interior 1
City: Mexico DF
Description: Integradores de Soluciones Empresariales en Tecnología de Información SA de CV (ISETI) empresa 100% Mexicana, con probada experiencia entregando Bienes y Servicios relacionados con Servidores de Bases de Datos (SAP HANA, SAP ASE –antes Sybase ASE- SAP IQ, SAP RS; MS SQL Server; Oracle, MySQL; DB2, Informix; y PostgreSQL); herramientas para monitoreo de infraestructura de TI (servidores, redes y aplicaciones); herramientas para desarrollo rápido de aplicaciones RAD para múltiples dispositivos (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android e IoT); herramientas para implementación de soluciones BI; herramientas para seguridad informática; infraestructura de cómputo, almacenamiento, comunicaciones V&D.

IT Tree

Country: South Africa
Address: 343 Jacob Street, Unit 12
City: Eldoraigne, Centurio

LeadComm Imp Exp Ltd

Country: Brazil
Address: 230 Torre A-cj 72
City: São Paulo

Liquid PC

Country: United States
Address: 124 Heritage Avenue
City: Portsmouth
State/Province: New Hampsh
Description: Liquid PC is a specialized global distributor for all virtualization, security, business productivity, licensing software and technically sophisticated products. They are now federally certified in the Women Owned Small Business Program and WBENC certified. Liquid PC is a leading provider of inclusive information regarding all technology products. They provide a hands on approach for every quote and order while capable of nothing but superior delivery as they are branded for building permanent relationships. Liquid PC treats every partnership as a valuable asset, believing in strong communication and a willingness to meet the requirements for all customers. Their sales team is willing to provide whatever is needed to address unique challenges. Liquid PC has served all levels of hospitals, education, schools and government as well as private end users. They take pride in the personal relations with vendors and customers.


Country: Belgium
Address: Franklin Rooseveltplaats 12, 2060
City: Antwerpen
Description: Metastore is one of the few truly independent value added resellers who brings technology earlier to the local market than the established vendors. We offer our clients the most excellent IT-toolsets available. Time and money will be saved and the focus will return to the core business. We are a niche player focusing on point solutions within the complex environment of corporate IT. Our mission is to innovate in areas which give our customer a competitive edge.We differentiate ourselves by providing leading edge technology before the mature market space and by supporting it during the whole life cycle. We have done this for the last 20 years and grown from a local Belgium company towards a global company with offices in the Benelux, France and Germany. More than 200 large accounts are customers of Metastore solutions.

Perform IT

Country: Israel
Address: 8a Hatzoran St'
City: Netanya


Country: Israel
Address: 21 Ha'Malacha Street
City: Park Afek Rosh Ha'Ayin
Description: Prologic Ltd. provides a complete range of professional, IT services: from consulting to application development (Java, Dot.Net, among other technologies), infrastructure design, outsourcing and implementation for a wide range of inter-organizations.

QBS Software

Country: United Kingdom
Address: QBS Software Ltd, 7 Wharfside, Rosemont Road, W
City: Wembley
Description: QBS Software is a renowned software reseller, providing a comprehensive range of products produced by a wide spectrum of software publishers. Our core philosophy is to provide world-class customer service experience which stems from every aspect of our organisation from its leadership, vision, strategies, systems, customer relationships, processes and its people with particular focus on delivery, timeliness, information, professionalism, staff commitment and technical support. QBS members initiate positive and long lasting customer and vendor relationships. Trust is earned through the consistent display of attentive consideration and delivery. By listening to customers, we show we care. By responding effectively to what we hear, we are dependable. We provide independent impartial advice and leverage over 25 years of data-gathering, knowledge, insight and expertise.

QCOM Group Corporation

Country: Taiwan
Address: 10F, 149, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Road
City: Taipei


Country: Peru
Address: Jr. Tarica 5414 Los Olivos.
City: Lima
Description: R2 DATA TECHNOLOGY es una empresa especializada en brindar soluciones de software para la infraestructura de TI de misión crítica tanto en el ámbito de bases de datos como en servidores de aplicaciones. Proveemos de software especializado para la administración, monitoreo, afinamiento y modelado de base de datos (SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 y PostgreSQL); monitoreo de la infraestructura de TI (servidores, redes y aplicaciones); herramientas RAD para el desarrollo de software para múltiples dispositivos (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android e IoT) así como para la implementación de soluciones BI. Brindamos capacitación y un excelente soporte técnico.

Reportstar Technologies

Country: South Africa
Address: No 114 Fourth Street
City: Sandton

SCI Tecnologia Da Informacao

Country: Brazil
Address: Rua Claudio Soares, 72 - CJ. 107 - Pinheiros
City: São Paulo