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Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Unified Monitoring for a Single View of IT Health

"Uptime is superb for monitoring IT. Easy to use, vast range of platforms supported, and addresses all the monitoring, reporting, and alerting needs of the IT systems manager." -TechWorld Magazine

IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor provides a unified view of performance, availability and capacity across all servers, virtual machines, applications, IT services, and the network.

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Server Performance Monitoring
Monitor: A Unified and Comprehensive View of IT...

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is flexible and easy to customize. Monitor servers, applications, and network devices on-premise, remotely, or in the cloud. From dashboards to deep root-cause analysis, from reactive alerting to proactive self-healing automation, it has everything you need to monitor the health of your IT environment.


Report: Complete Performance and Availability Insight...

Find and fix problems fast with uptime and "hot spot" reports, top ten problem lists, and more. Reports show the performance and availability by host, application, service, platform, geo-location, or rolled-up across them all. You'll quickly know if you're meeting availability targets. For resource-constrained elements, find out if it's a configuration or resourcing issue. Show which servers and network devices are the top consumers in various resource usage categories. Show which physical or virtual servers are running short on memory, or are overworked. See how application and service delivery is getting impacted and check the SLA dashboard to see if you are on track to meet your SLAs.

Server Availability Monitoring Plan: Manage Capacity Across all Platforms...

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor helps you improve capacity planning accuracy and make more informed decisions. See and optimize total capacity by server, platform, location, or rolled up globally. Proactive capacity forecasting, with instant graphs on critical resources, keeps you in control.

Server alert Alert: Proactive and Reactive Alerting and Automated Healing

Proactive and Reactive Alerting and Automated Healing The right alert, to the right person, at the right time keeps you in control and meeting your SLA targets. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor provides highly customizable alerts including smart alert escalation, alert routing to different people with rules based on type of device, severity of issue, or even time of day, and more.

Deploy Deploy: Install in Minutes, Deploy in Days, Migrate with Ease...

You want a comprehensive enterprise tool that's easy to use, fast to deploy, and can extend and scale to meet your needs. With Uptime Infrastructure monitor you can customize, extend, and scale to over 100,000 elements while still staying within your budget.