When we decided to emphasize our focus on SQL Server, we didn’t want to just leave our great SharePoint customers hanging. That’s why we’re glad to let you know that Metalogix has taken over support and development of Idera’s entire SharePoint offering, including SharePoint Backup and SharePoint Diagnostic Manager.

It’s a good deal all around! Idera can focus on making the best SQL Server tools around, and you don’t have to miss out on the SharePoint goodness.

Head over to Metalogix to learn more!
Looking for SQL Server Solutions?

Idera is still your go-to source for improving performance in your SQL Server environment, and ensuring that all of your data stays nice, safe, and exactly where you left it.

Not sure what’s causing
your slowdowns?

Meet SQL Diagnostic Manager.

Advanced 24x7 SQL Server
performance monitoring,
alerting, and diagnostics

Know Your Servers

Find all the servers
in your environment
and know when they
need some love.

SQL Elements

Discover, track, and maintain
the health of your SQL Server

Be a Know-It-All

SQL Data Transfers can
choke up your network,
but they don’t have to.

Say hello to SQL Traffic Accelerator.

Accelerate and secure SQL
Server replication and
applications over any network

Get in the Fast Lane

Want to tune SQL Server
, but not
sure where to start?

Come see the Doctor.

SQL Doctor provides
performance tuning
recommendations and health
checks for SQL servers

Time for a Checkup