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Join us in a Quack Chat to discover new product features, learn about upcoming releases, and connect with our in-house experts. This series is intended for customers and those that are familiar with our products, but anyone is free to attend.

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Diving into Workload Analysis for SAP HANA


Every significant business transaction interacts with the system of record. In current SAP environments, the system of record is HANA. The performance of HANA affects business health. For example, a poorly composed query for reporting can bring a system to its knees. To monitor the performance of HANA, Workload Analysis for SAP HANA trends system resource consumption, and captures and ranks SQL statements with their execution plan.

Join IDERA and Bill Ellis as he describes the importance of HANA monitoring.

About Bill Ellis: Bill’s favorite quotes are “time is the currency of performance” and “every significant business transaction interacts with the system of record”. While recognizing the importance of availability and backups, Bill is most motivated by optimization. Completing work faster via processing efficiency is intriguing. Bill has worked with the Precise solution set for several years. Most of all, he enjoys helping people.

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Manage SQL Server Security Permissions and Audits


With data breaches becoming more common, DBAs must be proactive in implementing and controlling database access permissions and security policies.

With IDERA’s SQL Secure, you can scan your SQL Server databases to identify each user’s effective rights across all objects, and generate a report card to view the top security vulnerabilities on your servers.

IDERA’s SQL Compliance Manager goes even further to help you demonstrate compliance to audits for industry regulatory requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOX. Learn how to identify vulnerabilities, track sensitive data, successfully pass audits, and protect your databases.

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Diving into Data Governance


Data governance is becoming increasingly important to corporations who must demonstrate compliance to industry and corporate regulations. Data professionals are tasked with ensuring data quality, enforcing data security, tracking model changes, and complying with audits.

Join IDERA and Ron Huizenga as he describes ways to approach Master Data Management (MDM), data quality, data lineage and data life cycles using ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition.

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